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Sunday, 24 September 2017
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Umra Visa

  • No fees are charged for Umra Visas; the Embassy issues these visas for free.
  • Umra Visas are issued every year starting from the month of Safar till the 15th of the month of Ramadan.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very keen on facilitating the performance of Umra with all ease and safety. For this reason, new arrangements have been taken for Umra  guaranteeing the rights of the individuals going for Umra and protecting them from fraud. The Ministry of Hajj has issued licenses to travel agencies wishing to organize Umra visits, after receiving all possible guarantees from them to safeguard the rights of Umra visitors, who are required to contact the licensed Canadian travel agencies listed below in order to register with them.

In the event of any complaint against any one of these travel agencies, a written complaint should be addressed to the Embassy to investigate and verify its veracity and take the necessary action.

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